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Dec 1, 2021

Shannon Fiedler is a breakout TikTok star and quickly becoming a sensation on New York City’s comedy scene. Shannon gives her tips for growing TikTok and her thoughts about what makes her voice unique.

Show Notes:

Shannon Fiedler's Instagram: @ShannonFiedler13

Shannon Fiedler's TikTok:

Nov 30, 2021

Tom goes down memory lane . . . listening to old prank calls he recorded from the early days of his radio career!

Nov 29, 2021

Tom's Gratitude Spectacular!  Tom makes a consciously lists the things he is grateful for and why gratitude lists may be important!

Nov 23, 2021

Tom shares a few tender Thanksgiving memories.  And then research and thoughts on Sugar Daddies. 

Show Notes:

Sugar Fetch Founder's TikTok: Seth Sokoloff

Nov 22, 2021

Ryan Peterson is living his dream working as a News Anchor at WTEN in Albany, NY. Ryan shares some of the reasons why his newscast has thrived as the media evolves. Plus what does an actual morning newscaster think of Apple TV’s Morning Show.

Show Notes:

Ryan Peterson's Instagram: PetersonWTEN

Ryan's Brewery Tee...