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Mar 13, 2023

Join us on this episode of our podcast as we delve into the world of Computer Graphic Imagery (CGI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Steve Burger, a seasoned CGI artist who has witnessed the industry's evolution since the 1990s. Steve shares his insights on whether AI will be the end of the CGI industry or if it will help elevate the work of CG artists.

We also have Tom Kelly, a radio show producer and stand-up comedian, who has been using Chat GPT to assist in creating podcasts with mixed results. Tom is concerned that AI could replace human DJs and threaten small-market, locally-produced radio shows.

Through real-time audio experiments, we explore the impact of AI on various industries and whether or not it's coming for our jobs sooner or later. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode and discover how AI could shape the future of the entertainment and media industries.


Show Notes:

Steve’s Son’s “Indie Gogo” for his film