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Mar 22, 2023

Today on the Tom Kelly Show podcast, we interview Katie Hannigan and Sarah Tollemache, two accomplished stand-up comedians and the hosts of the charming Lady Journey podcast

 In this episode, we discuss whether comedians can date other comedians, and how Katie and Sarah balance their edgy stand-up personas with their lighter podcast personalities. Katie and Sarah are in long term relatoinships with comedians Mike Vecchione and Joe List.

Can Tom date another comedian or should he just date a chef? Plus, we chat about the importance of scones, croissants, crystals, and soups in integrating your pre and post-pandemic selves. Join us for a hilarious and insightful conversation with two of the funniest comedians around.

Show Notes:

Lady Journey Podcast:  @ladyjourneypodcast 

Sarah's Instagram:

Katie's Instagram: