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Nov 20, 2023

Does the work place need comedy? Clayton Fletcher is a co author of "The ROI of LOL". Clayton teaches stand up comedy to corporate executives. He believes there are benefits to bringing humor to the workplace. Is comedy the secret to getting workers back into the office or is comedy a one way ticket to getting fired by the folks at Human resources.

- Learn the role laughter plays in the five critical elements of a strong corporate culture: Trust, Openness, Authenticity, Storytelling, and Teamwork. Understand how the skills learned by stand-up comics — like reading a room, being vulnerable or self-deprecating, listening, and overcoming objections — are critical to leaders in today's business climate.

- See how improv fosters teamwork and can be a unifying force in any organization.

- Gain insights into how other kinds of comedy, such as sketch comedy and creative collaboration, can be applied in a business setting to build critical skill sets.

Clayton's Instagram: Clayton Comic

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