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Mar 22, 2021

Mike Shoreman was a Stand Up Paddle Board Instructor.  Then his life, career and body fell apart with the onset Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Mike tells Tom Kelly and Loren Raye of the "Nonsense And Nostalgia" podcast about how he "Got Back On The Paddle" and reinvented himself as the "Unbalanced Paddleboarder."

Michael Shoreman's Inspirational Speech at Speaker Slam.

Michael Shoreman's Books:   Diary Of The Unbalanced Paddleboarder

Michael Shoreman's Instagram:  TheUnbalancedPaddleboarder

Tom Kelly Show "Buffer": Sean "ThePandaLyfe"

Guest We'd Like:  Jessica Kirson

Guest We'd Like: Ginger Zee

Loren's New Podcast: Nonsense and Nostalgia