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Jun 19, 2024

Felix McNulty was a successful personal injury lawyer in New York. As the Billy Joel song goes . . . he gave it all up to do a stand up routine in LA. When he realized what comedy paid . . . he got back into a law practice. Then he chased a bigger dream, owning a comedy club. Then 2020 hit and his investors ran!

On the...

Jun 17, 2024

Irina Voronina may have one of the sexiest and interesting paths to being a stand up comedian! She started out as a model in Russia and made her way to Playboy and now to Los Angeles's stand up comedy stages. Hear about Irina's interactions with Bill Cosby and Hugh Heffner! How does she integrate her "revealing" past...

Jun 11, 2024

A quick and fun update on Tom's adventures in Maine. 

Jun 10, 2024

A Rebroadcast of Christan Bladt's Bladtcast with Tom Kelly as a guest! Christian and Tom talk comedy! Specifically, they will discuss the passing of Richard Lewis, a comedy club in Seattle cancelling upcoming shows for four comedians and Nick Swardson having a rough night.

Jun 5, 2024

Why is Tom fascinated with Spelling Bee contestants? Are Spelling Bee contestants similar to Beauty Pageant contestants? Tom explains a clip that went viral. Plus . . . Tom is filling his brain with affirmations and discusses a lesson he learned from Celebrity Energy coach Whitney Uland.