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Oct 31, 2022

Tom faces the ultimate "midlife crisis" moment: the colonoscopy. The recommended age for getting a colonoscopy was lowered from 50 to 45 because colorectal cancer cases are on the rise among young and middle-age people. What is the prep like? What could have been better? Get the scoop on the poop right here!

Oct 26, 2022

Tom's High School buddy Daniela Anastasio Bardazzi, a fashion executive turned wellness coach returns to the show!  

Today on the show:

Tom's War On Dogs

Manifesting Dreams

Advice On Fatherhood

Trivia about Taylor Swift's Cats

Show Notes:


Oct 24, 2022

Tom gets a text message from a random number asking "I have you in my phone as Tom Kelly Funny Neighbor, who are you?" After some volleying back and forth, Tom asks this random texter to be a guest on the podcast. What do you think?

Oct 17, 2022

Kristen Carney is a stand-up comedian who coaches single men in the art of banter.  Banter is different than conversation.  Banter is a fun exchange of words in a teasing and funny way.  Hear Kristen’s philosophies on banter and join as she coaches Tom in some banter with dating app matches.

Kristen’s Website