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Mar 14, 2021

Tom Kelly and Loren Raye discuss "Pandemic Reentry Panic". Find out what happens when Tom goes to Philadelphia for a date . . . only to have the date tell him she has Covid 19 when he rolls into town.

Loren Raye and her daughter Baby Sophie create a fundraiser to raise money for one comedy club waiter or waitress!

Comedian Tim Krompier discusses what it's like to be a father of three during the pandemic.

Tim Krompier's Instagram: tkromps

Tim's Website:

Loren Raye's Instagram: LorenRaye

Bajina Tee Shirts: To Benefit A Comedy Club Waiter Or Waitress

Shamus The Doorman's Hotel in Philly: The Rittenhouse Hotel

Venmo of Musician Tom Met: MJohnson31

Loren Raye's new podcast: Nonsense and Nostalgia