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Feb 15, 2023

we'll be discussing the concept of the "Relationship Escalator" that Tom Kelly has recently learned. This term refers to a set of social scripts or customs that dictate how people should behave and feel in certain contexts or situations.

While these customs may benefit many people, they don't always apply to everyone. Being "off the relationship escalator" means living a life where these steps may not apply to you. We'll delve into this fascinating concept and explore how it challenges traditional notions of relationships and societal expectations.

On a different note, have you ever heard of prosopagnosia? It's a neurological disorder also known as face blindness, where the individual is unable to recognize faces. We'll discuss whether Tom may have this condition or if his behavior is due to feeling overwhelmed and self-absorbed.

So, sit back, relax and join us as we explore these intriguing topics and challenge our perceptions of social norms and relationships.